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Classical Persian rugs have fascinated Western collectors since the late nineteenth century. Many of them were acquired from Iranian private homes, mosques and palaces at that time by European museums and collectors. When the Canadian public came to appreciate their exquisite beauty and sophisticated designs they were already out of reach of all but a few major museums and collectors.

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Interview with David Lotfi

Collector and owner of Toronto’s Royal Antique Rugs.

“This is a culture, each rug represents the root where we come from, the region”


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Rug; Iran, Kashan, 1900 to 1930; Cotton, wool

From the collection of David B. Lotfi, Royal Antique Rugs.

This rug was made in a Kashan workshop in the early twentieth century for the Western market. Its floral design and ivory ground with well-pronounced red motifs are typical for famous Dabir Kashan rugs, named after the renowned weaver Dabir Sanayeh. The rug is made from Australian wool processed in Manchester, England, which became available in Kashan in the 1880s and was used for weaving fine rugs for local and Western trade.

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