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Marshall and Marilyn Wolf 

Toronto rug collectors.

“With our great young hubris, we thought that it was just a ‘German thing’ and that they didn’t really understand as much as we did…”


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Rug (fragment); Northwest Iran, Tabriz, 17th century; Cotton, wool

From the collection of Marshall and Marilyn R. Wolf, Toronto, Ontario

Marshall and Marilyn Wolf explain why they acquired this rare and beautiful fragment of a seventeenth-century Safavid rug: “We collect rugs and also rug fragments; they can be very beautiful and tell their own story when a complete piece is unavailable… Of the earliest examples, a complete carpet almost never comes to the market or its price is prohibitive. By studying a fragment, it is possible to determine what the entire carpet probably looked like. So our criteria are, first, the fragment must be beautiful on its own, and also tell the story of rug.”

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Gregory Kasparian

Recently retired owner of Turco Persian Rug Co.

“You can raise kids on an Oriental rug, they can throw up on it, they can spill their porridge on it, and you can get a towel and a little bit of soap and water…the spot could be there but it looks as part of the design!”


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